LAB Squared Foundation Makeup Brush


A must-have brush for applying all types of foundation with streak-free results.

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My flat, tapered tip brush head ensures a smooth, even coverage.
I am designed to be firm, yet flexible to reach all the recessed and contoured areas of the face, especially the hard-to-reach contours of the nose and eyes.
I am made with FiberLuxe™ Technology, specially designed with the softest and highest quality filaments, providing you with: 

1. Superior pigment pick-up and release 
2. Even color distribution 
3. Precise makeup application 
4. Flawless, professional results                                                      
My unique, soft touch handle fits comfortably in your hands for increased control and ease.
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Made with love. Cruelty free product, no animal testing!No animal-derived components. Only high-quality synthetic filaments!Hypoallergenic dermatologist tested. Hypoallergenic materials created with sensitive skin in mind!

How To Use Me:

Dab me into the foundation, then starting at the center of your face, work your way out until the desired coverage is achieved.
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