The Ultimate Multi-Purpose Brush Made for Skincare & Cosmetic Formulas

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I am made to contour and create the perfect sculpted effect along the nose, cheekbones and jawline.
I can also be used to assist with liquid eyeliner products across the lash line.
I am made with only synthetic fibers, specially designed with the softest and highest quality filaments.

1. Even color and product distribution
2. Can be used with liquid, powder and cream formulas
3. Precise Application
4. Flawless, professional results
My unique, soft touch handle fits comfortably in your hands for ultimate control and ease.
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Made with love. Cruelty free product, no animal testing!No animal-derived components. Only high-quality synthetic filaments!Hypoallergenic dermatologist tested. Hypoallergenic materials created with sensitive skin in mind!

How To Use Me:

My densely-packed, velvet like bristles work with cosmetic and skincare products. Ideal for precise application of products specially in the harder to reach areas and contours for smaller-area coverage.

Use For Lash Line & Contouring

Use With Skincare

This brush effectively massages product to the upper and lower eye areas, as well as the smaller hard-to-reach contours of the face. Place your favorite skincare product onto the L.A.B.2 Luxe 5 brush. Make sure not to get product into the eye. Using back and forth motions, work product thoroughly and evenly onto skin until product has been absorbed.

Use With Cosmetics

This brush allows for precise application to hard-to-reach areas of the face using both liquid and powder cosmetic products. Specially fit for the smaller contours and corners of the face for smaller-area coverage.

Eyeshadow: Slanted fiber bundle allows for controlled application along the upper and lower lash line. Using thin strokes, create the desired length and width along the eye with precision and accuracy.

Contour: Load product onto brush or desired areas such as the nose or cheekbone. Use the brush to work product in sharp strokes across the face until a sculpted effect is achieved.

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